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John Latta

  • When The Father's Gone4:01

When The Father’s Gone
Words & Music by John Allen Latta
© 2007, BMI 

Baby we’ve been good, and we’ve been bad,
Once we were the best we ever had.
Yeah, young love has to grow up fast,

But that's the way it goes.
It’s the same old story, the same old song:
Good lovin’ gone bad, somebody done wrong.
Heaven only knows how we got so far down this broken road

Hey baby, there’s one thing that you should know.
I’ve got something to tell you, before you just let go.


When the father’s gone wrong seems right.
Broken voices call in the middle of the night.
Little girls tend to fuss, little boys want to fight,
When the father’s gone.
It ain’t about me, it ain’t about you,
It’s about us doing what we’re ‘sposed to do.
Life can be a lot harder than it really has to,
When the father’s gone. 

Our Father’s house is full of mansions;
You and I both know it’s true.
We make our way down here on Earth,
Doing the best that we can do.
Raised pure in heart and deep in the church.
Taught right from wrong, chapter and verse;
True to ourselves, to our family, baby take my hand.

And you know He hears us, hears us calling.
Baby He’ll catch us, catch us falling. 


Baby, take a look, i
n our neighborhood;
At all the broken homes, where castles stood.

Chorus and out...