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John Latta

Tracks Only [Instrumentals]

of my songs...

  • Them Jeans [Bayou Tx]3:00
  • Perkins Road [Tx]3:36
  • Nomo [Tx]3:44
  • One After The Other [Tx]3:51
  • PoorFolk [Alt TV Tx]3:53
  • Take You For A Drive [Tx]2:35
  • Some Country [Tx BU Vx]3:18
  • Them Jeans [Aristar Tx]2:55
  • Poor Folk [Alt Tx]3:53
  • Poor Folk [MstrTx]3:54
  • People Like Us [Tx Male]3:33
  • People Like Us [Tx Female]4:12
  • I'm Done! [Tx]3:28
  • Honky Tonk n'Holler [Tx]2:46
  • Boot Up [Tx]3:04
  • Dime A Dozen [Tx]3:11