• Perkins Road3:36

John Allen Latta

Perkins Road...

By John Allen Latta

(C) 2011 BMI/WCCMP

A frightened little thing just barely eighteen

Stepped into the starless night.

She was holding on to something tiny

And clutching it a little too tight

I asked her, "Girl what brings you two,

"Out here, to the end of the line?"

She said, "I can't spend a lifetime paying,

"For a mistake I made late one night..."

Out on Perkins Road

In the pale Stillwater moonlight

The battle between good and evil

Is working double overtime

The local folk all whisper about

The trouble you're liable to find.

They know you're all in or you fold

Way out on Perkins Road

I told that girl about a baby boy

Left here a long time ago

Taken in by some people at a little church

Back in the woods about a mile or so

He never knew his momma or his daddy

Or so the story goes and you know

They say he's out here everynight

Hell bent on settin' things right


She looked at me with cold, doll eyes

And said, "Hey it's gonna be alright"