John Allen Latta

People Like Us
(c) 2007 John Allen Latta
WCCMP Publishing

One Afternoon many years ago

My daddy sat me by his side

In our old farm truck

He scruffed my hair said

Boy let's take a ride

We drove all through our little town

While daddy talked to me

And he told me all about

Our family's long, long history

That bank's where your great-great grandpa

Got the money for our farm

And that church is where six generations

Of us learned right from wrong

That country there that stretches

Farther than the eye can see

Is our land, that's right

It all belongs to folks like you and me

'Cause people like us

Built this country from a dream

People like us

Ain't afraid to fight

To keep it free

People like us

When the chips are down

You're gonna see

That this old world

Can never, ever have enough

People like us

The next morning daddy left us

To go off and fight the war

To this day sometimes I catch myself

Looking out for him

When I'm standing at the door

Those words he said stuck with me

And now I'm telling you

Looking down your nose

At folks like us

Is the wrong damn thing to do


We're working on the farms

And in the factories

Wearing steel toed boots to sneakers

And everything in between

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