One After the Other
by John Allen Latta
(c) 2015 BMI 
WCCMP Music Publishing

Long black train
To God knows where
Never runs out of track
Shakes and rattles all day long
Every night is circles back
Boxcars full of memories
Far as the mind can see
Clickety clacking through my brain
They drive me to my knees

One after the other
Day after day
Our lives are just lines in the sand
Time is a river
Washing us away
When the sun goes down
I run for cover
Set ‘em up and keep ‘em coming brother
One after the other

Sit in a corner
Back against the wall
Folks don’t ask about you anymore
What talk I make is small
My table is a rusty barbed wire
Bale full of regret
I sit there with old Jack Daniels
And a pack of cigarettes


A weathered marble highway
Twenty headstones wide
Is the road I have to travel
To be six feet from your side
The song stuck in my head
Is just a twisted prayer
I can’t say how long
It’s gonna take
But someday I’ll meet you there

  • One After The Other3:51