John Allen Latta

I'm Done
by John Allen Latta (c) 2008 BMI 

Recorded at Bayou Studios, Nashville

Engineer: George Clinton

Published by WCCMP (Fort Worth)

Well the moon's falling from the sky.

I can see it really well,

From this stack of lies. 

Before the sun gets half-assed high,

I'll be done with silly grins,

And making alibis.

This has been one crazy ride.

Shot out of the gate,

Spun off to the side.

I can't say it ain't been fun,

But our love can't stand the light,

Of the morning sun: I'm done.

People talk us up in town,

When the conversations cheaters,

And sneaking around.

I broke my happy home in two.

I'm gonna set things straight,

If it's the last thing I do: I'm done.

I'm done with cheating,

Done through and through.

I can't believe I ever fell for you.

Listen here baby, I've got news for you.

​I'm done.

Smooth talking, slow walking,

High heeling, heart stealing:

You drove me out of my mind.

​Hard drinking, night riding,

Bar fighting, cold cocking:

I drifted way across the center line.

​I'm done.

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