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Songs in (Tulsa) time . . .

""Poor Folk"
  John Allen Latta (c) 2014 BMI
Recorded  at Willis Soundz 
Nashville, TN
All Rights Reserved
WCCMP Publishing
Fort Worth, Texas

My musical journey began way back in 1956 when my parents made me an offer that I couldn't refuse: "You can take drum lessons if you promise to Stick with it !"

I made them pay for that little pun for decades. And they never, ever complained. 

On a hot summer night (in a back alley, upstairs room of a now long gone music store) a jazz trumpet player took me under his wing and taught me rudiments and technique.

Lessons were given on one-half of a round, little oak table; dished out and grooved from all of lessons taught upon it over the years.

Tulsa is a magical place, musically speaking.
Some of the best musicians on the planet hail from Tulsa. I wish that I could take a Mulligan and do some things differently, but  such is life.

Over the years I've had the privilege of working in the studio, performing live, recording and/or co-writing music with some of the best musicians, engineers, songwriters and producers in the world. A partial list is below.

About five years ago I began working in the studio again, writing some songs and playing the fool. Yes, I know better that to do something like this. I just can't help it.

George Clinton:
Renowned Nashville producer of:
Booker T & The MGs, Isaac Hayes, Alabama, Charley Pride, Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, KISS, Martina McBride, KT Oslin, Hank Williams Jr., John Anderson, The Time Jumpers (and many more!)
Produced and engineered the songs:
" Some Country"
" I'm Done! "

" When The Father's Gone " 
" Where'd Ya Get Them Jeans? "  
(re-written version 6/08)

Dan Drilling

Grand 'Ol Opry musician, producer, engineer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist ~ produced and played on:

"Dime A Dozen"
"Perkins Road" [Male and Female]
"People Like Us"
"I Wanna Take You for a Drive"
"One After The Other"
"Boot Up"
And also played on, produced and engineered the recut demo of:

" Where'd Ya Get Them Jeans? "


Some of the folks that have,
over the years, put up with me...
ometimes more than once!

Joe Haskew (& The De-Icers -1958),
Don Ryan (OK Jazz HOF),
Sonny Gray (OK Jazz HOF)
Tommy Lokey,
Jimmie "Jr" Markham (OK Jazz HOF),
Ronnie Dunn
(Sorry about the safari-jackets, and all the Dewar's -- call me!),
John Rigney,
Jimmy Strader,
Tommy Richard,
Pat Murray,
Gordon Shryock,
Larry Bell,
Randy Crouch,
Bill Brown, Mike Bruce,
Earl Clark
(OK Jazz HOF)
  Bill Crosby, Jim Bates,
David Brown, Jeff Shadley,

Joe Spivey (Fiddle, The Time Jumpers),
George Clinton
(Bayou Studios),
Dan Drilling (Panda Productions),
Mike Johnson (Steel Guitar),

Gus Hardin, Eldon Shamblin,
Bobby Scott, Johnny French,
(Tulsa Educ. Srvc. Cntr. 1990),
Valentino Pena, Leon Rollerson,
Mike Moore, Troy Hanson,

Danny Dark (Voice Talent, Superman),

David Grothe
(ORU Orchestra),
David Teegarden,
Betsy Smittle, 
Pat Savage, Tawny Blissit
Flash Terry, Ray Hamilton,
Donna Williams,

Mark Carpenter, Steve Panzerri, 
Mary Harrison, Rob Geoffs,
Pat McJimsey, Steve Bailey,
Phil Norvell, Melvin Grace,
G.Ary S.Mith, Bob Rozensky,
David Wolfe, Dan Humphrey,
Eric Kehr,  Sen. Jim Williamson,
Rick Alan West, Chet Latta,
John Purkey, Craig Bickhardt
 and many, many more !

You can contact John at

  This web site is  copyrighted. All of the songs and lyrics are registered with BMI... Any copying, distribution or use of any kind (without the express, written permission of John Allen Latta) is in violation of U.S. and International copyright laws and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

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"Poor Folk"

Signed by WCCMP Publishing, 


"One After The Other"
Signed by WCCMP Publishing

"Dime A Dozen"
Signed by WCCMP Publishing, 


Recorded at Panda Productions of Nashville 10/29/2012


"Some Country"

Was engineered and mastered by the late George Clinton at

Bayou Studios, Nashville
George, thank you for everything.

Signed with WCCMP


"People Like Us"

Signed by WCCMP Publishing, 


"A Little List"
Recorded at
Beaird Music Group, Nashville October 20th, 2011

Signed with WCCMP
October 27th, 2011
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~ Just In ~ 
Tommy Lokey Sessions
Studio Sessions from 1976

Trumpet: Tommy Lokey
Upright Bass: John Rigney
Piano: Pat Murray
Guitar: Tommy Richard
Drums: John Latta

Go to:"Lokey Sessions" Tab

~ Also~ 
The Strut Trio Sessions
Studio Sessions from 1979

Guitar/Vocals: Tommy Richard
Upright Bass: John Rigney
Drums/Vocals: John Latta

Signed w/Publisher:
"Some Country"
Recorded at the famous
Bayou Studios, Nashville
Producer: George Clinton
Fiddle: Joe Spivey
Signed with WCCMP
December 5th, 2010
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 “Great songs are forever, John and "I'm Done" is a great song! "
George Clinton
Grammy Award Winning
Producer, Nashville

Signed w/Publisher:
"When the Father's Gone"
"People Like Us"
"I'm Done!"
"Where'd Ya Get Them Jeans"
HDMusic Now 5/3/10
Non-Exclusive TV/Ad/Artist/Pitch

"People Like Us"

"When The Father's Gone"

~~ Selected Top Songs, 2009


I'm Done !
Top Ten Winner
Great American Song Contest 2008


d Ya Get Them Jeans?"
"When The Father's Gone"

Song(s) of the YEAR ~ 2008 ~
Tennessee Concerts /
Nashville Edge Music


"Representing HITMAKERS!"

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" . . . outstanding hooks
 and feel good lyrics !"

Craig Bickhardt

Award winning songwriter & performer

"Man, you win, hands down:
"I'm Done" is the best song we've heard in years!"
Gary Allen, Drummer
(Charlie Daniel's & J.J. Cale's Bands)