• I'm Done3:30
  • Poor Folk [Vocals] Main Take3:53
  • One After The Other3:51
  • Perkins Road3:36
  • A Little List4:33
  • When The Father's Gone4:01
  • People Like Us-Male3:33
  • Nomo3:43
  • Dime A Dozen2:51
  • People Like Us [Female Tracks]4:12
  • Good Old Days4:14
  • Them Jeans [Bayou] Vocal3:00
  • Boot Up3:04
  • Honky-Tonk n' Holler2:46

Odds and Ends...

After learning that my old page couldn't play audio on mobile devices, I had to make a change. I'm building a new page (this is it) so bear with me.

February 7th, 2017

Remixed some old audio reels of studio drum work from over 30 years ago. Go to "Old Drum Work" page...

  Original Tracks...