John Allen Latta

All of my original songs are registered with BMI, copyrighted and signed with publishers. For performance rights, please contact Gus Wolman at WCCMP Music.

  • Perkins Road3:36
  • I'm Done3:30
  • Poor Folk [Vocals] Main Take3:53
  • One After The Other3:51
  • A Little List4:33
  • When The Father's Gone4:01
  • People Like Us-Male3:33
  • People Like Us [Female Tracks]4:12
  • Nomo3:43
  • Dime A Dozen2:51
  • Good Old Days4:14
  • Them Jeans [Bayou] Vocal3:00
  • Boot Up3:04
  • Honky-Tonk n' Holler2:46

Original Songs & Demo Tracks​​